Feel Refreshed, Revitalized, and Invigorated. Discover the bliss of meditation. If you have ever wanted to discover the depth that meditation can bring, this is an incredibly special opportunity.

Art of Meditation (Sahaj Samadhi) Course offered by the Art of Living Organization teaches a graceful and effortless meditation technique. The experience of meditation can take us beyond the usual mental stress and emotional agitation to a calm, centered place.

The benefits of meditation include:

A centered and more attentive mind
Better immune / brain functions
Stress Reduction
Restoration of normal sleep patterns

"In this course, you will get a Personalized Mantra (sound) based on your individual constitution. You then meditate at home using this mantra.


Ms. Sangeeta Jani has brought peace and solace to 100s of thousands of people across the world. She is a highly respected Senior International Teacher with the Art of Living Foundation.

20 years ago, she met and was inspired by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to dedicate her life to serving society through the Art of Living Foundation, and spreading the knowledge of love, joy, peace and harmony. She introduced Mumbai to the Art of Living. Her students include high profile personalities, such as socialites, movie stars, industrialists, many of whom went on to getting involved in various service projects and some also became Art of Living Teachers.

Now she travels around the world representing the foundation at various forums and also teaching, inspiring and awakening the world to the benefits of yoga and meditation leading to a stress-free, happy and productive life. Her pioneering work for the foundation took her to countries as diverse as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Russia, African countries,UAE, Oman, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, and certain countries in Western Europe.

The Art of Living is an international NGO, founded by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and with a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. The statutory goal of the Art of Living is to create a stress-free and violence-free society. The basis for a stress-free society is the peaceful individual. The Art of Living provides humanitarian projects at the societal level and courses for the individual.



















"I am extremely fortunate to have the blessing of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the guidance of Sangeeta Jani as my teacher. Sangeeta has become an indispensable part of my life and I am certain that a course under her guidance will transform your life and shape it into the one you have always wanted."

- Lara Dutta, actor and former Miss Universe

"Sangeeta's voice, her kindness, her gentle yet firm guidance helped me embrace the Art of Living, thereby changing my life forever."

- Diya Mirza, actor and former Miss World

"I have been participating in Art of living for one year now and it has radically changed my perception of life ,my health and my reality I must say that prior to 2009 i was diagnosed as depressive ? I was on lots of pills!!! I was a heavy drinker .Now I have not touched a drink since November 2008 , am totally off all the medication prescribed by doctors and myself , have more balance and equanimity in my life , understand that the science of the soul is the most important business in this life."

- Bryan Strang, International cricketer from Zimbabwe

"The Art of Living Courses have given me peace of mind, immeasurable joy and happiness, self confidence, and the energy and enthusiasm to pursue my goals. I feel most fortunate to have Sangeeta Janiji as my Teacher. She lives and conveys this knowledge so totally and effortlessly. One feels positive and uplifted by merely being in her presence. It has been my privilege to have experienced several courses with her, and I look forward to many more such opportunities."

- Kunal Kapoor, actor

"Even novice meditators improved their performance more after 40 minutes of meditation than after a 40-minute nap"

- research at University of Kentucky

"I was depressed before I did this course. I have a much more positive outlook to life and I am off medication"

- Susan, student of the Art of Meditation